Free e-book via Stone Soup + Open Invite for Dinner

I used to restrict most of my cooking to indian food. That is what I was comfortable with. I had started to explore into pastas and baked fishes last year. Browsing through blogs about minimalism, I stumbled upon The Stone Soup by Jules Clancy.
Jules writes about stunning recipes complimented by more stunning photography. I have tried her Garlic-Rosemary pasta recipe and Pasta with Crushed Sausage and Peas recipe and loved them. She regularly posts these on her blog. If you like to try simple and new recipes, this blog is a must subscribe.
She has a popular book for sale here and now, a free e book too! The two pasta dishes I mentioned above are in pages 47 and 48.
Download the book and subscribe to her blog. You wont regret it.
I am going to cook Veggie Laksa (recipe on page 22) tonight.  If you know where I live, you are invited. RSVP via text msg (383 7435) by 6 PM. If you dont know where I live, text me for my address. Soup should be ready by 7. All ingredients used are as organic as possible.

1 Response to “Free e-book via Stone Soup + Open Invite for Dinner”

  1. 1 heather meow April 22, 2011 at 12:27 am

    Now I am especially hungry for some of your cooking.(-;
    Every woman loves a man who is a talented cook. Mmmhh…

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